Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Small Step for Man; One Giant Leap for Resolute Fat Girl!

I've always been an emotional eater.  I am a pro at trying to smother any feelings of sadness, anxiety, or anger with food.  One time, I actually drank an entire pitcher of daiquiris straight from the blender while polishing off 1/2 a carton of ice cream.  (I don't recommend that.  I had to crawl up the stairs - literally - not because I was "drunk" but because I was sick as can be.  I can't imagine what that did to my blood sugar!)

The past few weeks have been prime emotional eating days, but I am proud to say - I NEVER let them see me sweat!  Um . . . I mean . . . I didn't fall of the horse AND I didn't eat the horse!  I stuck to my calories!  I recorded my food!  I drank my water!  Instead of feeding those emotions, I turned to an old and faithful emotional tool - Big Mick!!!

Big Mick has been with me since I was a little, little girl.  As a baby, mom would hold up different stuffed animals and toys in front of me.  I couldn't care less until she held up a stuffed Mickey Mouse.  I apparently lit up - smiling ear to ear!  Before I could even walk, when the Mickey Mouse Show would come on, I would pull myself up by the TV cart, shake the cart, and squeal with delight.  When mom and dad saw the large stuffed Mickey Mouse, they knew I had to have it; and it was love at first site! 

Big Mick did everything with me.  We ate together, slept together, pottied together (which unfortunately led to his tailectomy), and prayed together.  During my bed time prayers, I would pray, "God bless momma, God bless daddy, God bless nan and paw, God bless Big Mick" then I would turn to Big Mick and say, "I God bless you, Big Mick." 

Big Mick was always there to catch my tears.  When my parents separated, Big Mick was there.  When boys would break my heart, Big Mick would hear all about it.  When I went away to college, Big Mick road in the front seat with the seat belt securely fastened.  When Philip and I moved in to our first apartment, Big Mick came along.  When we moved in to a lager apartment, Big Mick got his own room!  As we looked for our first home, we knew it needed 3 rooms - our room, a guest room, and Big Mick's room!

This week instead of grabbing a carton of ice cream, I grabbed my old friend.  It might seem like a small step, but for me, it was a giant leap!

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Jscakes said...

I knew I always saw a twinkle in your eye while working at the Disney Store!..There's nothing like that true Disney "Magic" to keep you motivated! Mickey does that for me too! Press on young Mouseketeer! Press on!