Friday, April 6, 2012

Life's Too Short

As I sit here watching We Bought a Zoo, I am reminded that life is too short.  It is too short to not live every day with joy.  It is too short to fill your head and heart with negative thoughts.  It is too short not to embrace each day.  It is too short not to say "I love you".  It is too short not to thank God everyday.  It is too short not to love yourself.

I think that is one of my biggest struggles - loving myself.  It shouldn't be hard.  Let's face it, I am simply awesome!  I know this because I am surrounded by simply awesome people who love me, support me, and care about me.  A coworker once told me she knew I was a good friend because of the long lasting friendships I have.  Even if we haven't seen each other in decades, we still communicate; and I can still call them friends.  Then there are my new friends who are more like family . . . the kind of family you like to be around!

I am truly blessed, and I want to be selfish.  I want to become healthier because I want to spend as many days and hours with the family and friends who I love and cherish.


There's no way I could post pictures of everyone that has touched my life, who loves me, who supports me.  I thought about not posting pictures just to keep from insulting someone or hurting someones feelings, but if I did that, I wouldn't be practicing what I preach!  I would be giving real estate to worry.  I have the greatest family and friends in the world!  Thank you for your support, encouragement, and love!

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Allie Getzendiner said...

Love the Pics! Esp. the last one, lol.
Love ya darlin,