Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 9! BWHA! HA! HA!

Please tell me that by now everyone gets that I’m counting like the Count on Sesame Street.  Week 1!  BWHA! HA! HA!  Week 2!  BWHA! HA! HA!  Week 3!  BWHA! HA! HA!  Yes?  No?

Well, it is week 9; and several of you have asked me about my results for Wednesday (especially after that doom and gloom post on Tuesday).  I’m a few days behind.  Thank you for waiting patiently.  When you’re busting your butt at the gym, you really don’t have time for much else!  I’ve even been on the same book for a month when I usually read one a week!

I’ve also had several people tell me to not just focus on the scale – focus on how I’m feeling, how my clothes are fitting, etc.  These are all valid points that I have soap boxed before; but sometimes, just sometimes, I stop taking my own advice.  Yes, I can do so much more now that I’m getting healthy.  Yes, my clothes are falling off of me.  Yes, on Monday, I wore a sweater that was a size smaller.  Yes, I am soda free for over a month.  Yes, I drank water at the movie theatre.  I could go on and on with all of the amazing accomplishments not scale related, but I blame this Biggest Loser contest for making me focus on the darn scale!  I just don’t want to get kicked off because one week I’m bloated.

I did weigh in Wednesday morning, and I’m happy to report I didn’t get kicked off!  In fact, I lost 3 pounds!  What?!  Yeah!  You know what that means!  BAM!
New bead!  Now, I have my “Dreams really do come true” bead that represents my mom, my police badge that represents my dad, and my clover bead that represents the love of my life – my Irish boy!  I am officially down 30 pounds in 2 months.  Not too shabby!  I would be thrilled with 10 a month, and I’ve done more.

Now, let me climb up on my soap box for a minute and talk again about getting on the scale.  I stand firm in my decision to NOT get on the scale more than once a week and to make sure it is around the same time each week.  Wednesday mornings are it for me.  Just look at the difference in my weight from Tuesday night at 5:30pm when the scale said I gained 5 pounds and Wednesday morning at 8am when the scale said I lost 3 pounds!  Don’t bother getting our your calculators – that’s an 8 pound difference!  8 POUNDS!  That’s crazy! 

Does everyone realize what that 5 pound gain could have done to my psyche?  I’m notorious for falling off the horse and eating the horse, and I’ll be honest . . . there was a little voice in my head Tuesday night saying, “You’ve already gained, you’ll be kicked out of the contest, so go ahead, call Pappa Johns and order that Tuscan 6 cheese pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese that you’ve been craving.  You’ve already failed.  What’s it going to hurt now?”  I’m proud to say that for once in my life I bitch slapped that voice!  I ate my sugar snap peas, I drank my water, I got back on that horse, and I didn’t eat the horse!  Look!  There’s another non scale related triumph!  I overcame!  Woot!  Woot!  I rock!


Julie said...

So, once again, I was RIGHT. NEVER get on the scale at a different time. What could have possessed you? I'm SO incredibly proud that you ignored the voice that would love to order Papa John's whenever in doubt. I have one of those, too. Only she would like the cheese sticks, please!

Don't forget to text when you need talked off of a ledge. I daresay you have one of the BEST support groups EVER, with a number to call with whatever you need...sympathy, commiseration, encouragement, and if you need someone to give your little voice a verbal bitch text ME!!!

Love ya! And really jazzed about next weekend!


Shirley said...

I agree with Julie!

You have such an amazing support! There are so many friends and family out here for you! me included!!!

I love all the beads. Now lets me get my next 25 pounds off and I get a new bracelet and bead! WOO HOO! Then for every 25 pounds another bead!

Just remember we still have a mani/pedi we earned! :0)

Keep going Amy! You CAN DO IT!!!!