Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week 16 Results

Yes, I've grown tired of my BWHA! HA! HA!  I'm retiring the count, but I will continue to post my results each week.

This week I'm extra EXCITED about the results!  After all that I went through last week, I lost 7 pounds!  Woo!  Hoo!  That brings me to 52 pounds!

Now, those of you that have been keeping score at home, you may be scratching your heads and thinking, "I thought she was at 48 pounds?  If she lost 7, that would put her at 55, not 52."  Well, somewhere along the way, between all the differences in my home scale and the gym scale, I must have become confused.  I double checked My Fitness Pal, and the official is 52. 

Also, I'm done with the Biggest Loser contest - D - O - N - E!  There were 2 weigh-ins left, but I'm over it.  The contest has been a mess from the start - misinformation, changing information, etc.  It has been anything but motivating.  BUT inside every "bad experience", you can find something good; and I've found two something goods. 

First, there were several days when I would have skipped the gym; but since we had to work out at least 3 days a week or be disqualified, I drug myself into the gym.  I never regretted it, but I'm glad I had the extra push to get me there.

Second, I've had the opportunity to make some great new friends!

It is always important to find your silver lining and focus on it.  Someone remind me of my own words the next time I'm down. 

Now, let's take a look at my bracelet with its 5 charms!!!  Cheshire Cat is the 50 pound charm.  He's one of my favorite Disney characters, and he reminds me of how my weight is smothering the crazy gal that I am!  (Philip is a bit scared.  If this is the crazy being smothered, what will it be like when the full crazy comes out?!  FYI, it's a good crazy.  It's a fun, adventurous, full of life crazy!)


Shirley said...

First let me say congrats on your major weight loss!!! And your beads look wonderful!

I am glad you can see the silver lining in all this. I know I didn't realize we were sharing the first place prize between all three of the gyms either! UGH!!! But now for me it's just to stay on the leader board to the end...that will be a win for me! I am just hanging in there at #5. But I just know I can do it!

I can't wait to see what Justin, Linda and Elizabeth have in mind for work outs after the Biggest Loser Contest is over?! They still want to work out together. It should be fun. We can make up our own circuit training! I'm game are you? LOL

Again congrats! What a fun journey we are on!(hard at times but oh so fun!)

Have a great day!!!

Mom said...

Super news with the 7 pound loss !!!! So glad you are dealing with your stress with exercise . Keep cheering Shirley on . Sounds like she has an excellent plan for all of you when Biggest Loser is over . Love and prayers , Mom .