Monday, April 22, 2013

Confession Time

I’m off to a bad start . . . but I did promise I would blog every day!

Yesterday was supposed to be all about eating every 2-3 hours – making sure I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner while snacking in between then having a snack every 2-3 hours up until 1 hour before bedtime.
Did I do that . . . eeehhh, not really.  What did I do?  I decided to do some more stress eat,  AND I’m not even the one that should be stressing!  

So, what has had me stressing?  The hubby has a new job which is a YEAH! moment, but it also means change.  The stress eating started Thursday/Friday last week.  His last day with his former employer was Friday, and his first day with the new employer is today.  I actually realized Friday that I was stress eating because I was nervous for his last day.  What did I do with this knowledge?  Nothing, nada, zip.  As I ate my Burger King bacon and cheddar stuffed burger that was topped with onion rings and mayo, I knew what I was doing.  I knew I was stress eating, and I didn’t stop myself.  Even though that little voice was telling me, “Amy, just drive on passed Burger King to Wendy’s and get a grilled chicken sandwich”, I did what I knew I shouldn’t; and I continued that into the weekend.  

And the confessions continue . . . Sunday, when I was supposed to be doing the Food Lover’s Diet, I had a piece of cheesecake (yes, cheesecake) for breakfast.  THEN I had some of the cheesy potatoes that I made for Philip’s lunches and dinners for my dinner.  Correction, I didn’t have just some . . . I had 2 very large servings.  Thank goodness I was feeling too lazy to go out, or I may have ended up at Handels eating 2 scoops of Graham Central Station! 

THEN, what do I do today?  Even though I packed a nice, healthy lunch, I decided that I just had to go to my uncle’s restaurant for lunch.  I reasoned that I needed to talk to him about using his party room for my jewelry party in May.  Why couldn’t I just call him up on the phone?  Because I couldn’t have a big, wet and cheesy burrito with a side of his AMAZING rice covered in cheese!  (hanging head in shame)

Well, I promised from the beginning that this journey wouldn’t always be pretty, and I promised I would always be upfront and honest – that I would tell you the good and the bad.  This is the bad.

So, how am I moving forward?  Back to day 1 of the plan.  While I failed this morning by going for 4 hours without eating then gorging on a burrito and rice, I have written it down; and I had my snack 3 hours later.  For dinner I had a healthy dinner and then went to the gym.
Tomorrow, I promise to enlighten everyone on How to Make a Fat Loss Plate.  For now, here’s a picture of today’s journal!

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Shirley said...

Great post Amy! First off until we get "real" with ourselves aka telling the truth and writing down what and when we are eating is the only way we will ever make a lasting change! I'm so proud of you. You know what to do and if you don't you admit it and MOVE ON!!!

Doing the journal is my weak point. I am glad you showed yours. I need to be more diligent!

Glad you made it to the gym too! Your doing great! keep it up!