Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 17 Results

Ugh . . . it's not good peeps. Not good at all. But . . . I'm doing surprisingly well mentally and emotionally.

I gained this week. I didn't just gain - I gained 7 pounds. I gained back everything I lost last week. I had to strip myself of my Cheshire Cat charm. That stung.

So why am I doing surprisingly well mentally and emotionally after a 7 pound gain? I'm focusing on a couple of positives.

1.      Last night, Philip and I were moving several large items out of the house for bulk pickup - 2 recliners, washing machine, book shelf, mattress, and box springs. As we were bringing up the washing machine, I took the bottom. I supported the bulk of the weight. As we were carrying it into the ally, Philip said, "You know just a few months ago you wouldn't have been able to help with this let along take the heavy end. I'm so proud of you." (blush - I love that man!)

2.      Before toting everything out, we had several boxes and bags to take to the attic. On top of one of the bags was this cute green shirt that I've had for 3-4 years but never worn. It has never fit. When I say it has never fit, I mean it didn't even fit well enough to wear unbuttoned with a shirt under it. Just for poops and giggles, I decided to try it on. Imagine my surprise when it not only fit but buttoned up beautifully! I am so excited!!! I can't wait to wear it Friday!

Did I make some mistakes this past week? Yeah, you've already heard about my burger/fries/shake-a-palooza; and that came after going over my daily calories by 1700 on Friday. We were celebrating. Philip got a new job! I'm so proud of him and excited for him! Love you, Baby! My new challenge is to find other ways to celebrate outside of food. That's a big challenge as it is something I've done for 30 some years, but I will find a way!

Do not fear! I will not lose sight of my end goal! I am growing! I am getting healthier! This is just a minor setback. Next week, I WILL get my Cheshire charm back! Here's how I will do it:

1.      Measure EVERYTHING! No more "eyeballing" it. No more "Yeah that looks like 4oz." Shirley liked my "write it before you bite it." I'm going one step further, "Write it AND weigh it before you bite it." I've already got measuring cups and spoons at work. Time to break them out!

2.      Get some activity EVERYDAY! I don't go to the gym every day, but I can still do something. I'm going to get a nice workout from The Rite Bite's website (a system we use at work for health & wellness), and I'm going to get up 20 minutes early every day to do it.

3.      Drink more WATER! Even though I'm off the Diet Coke (it will be 3 months on April 9th!), I need to up the pure, straight water amount; so between each glass of my carbonated water, I will have a glass of plain water.

I got this!


Shirley said...

I admire that you not only can learn from what you have done in the past but more importantly you make a plan to move forward. There is no looking back! It's keep moving forward!

I'm so glad Philip told you how well you have been doing! It's so nice to hear it from our sweethearts!!!

I'm not sure what the Right Bites thing is but it sounds like a great plan to do a little each day. I'm learning it really does only take a little each day to make BIG differences!

Amy, if there is one thing I know its...YOU GOT THIS GIRLFRIEND!!!

Mom said...

Hey Kiddo , you know what I was thinking when I read this ? You really did LOSE after all . You lost the old way of thinking . Instead of feeling defeated and letting it get you down you saw the positive and made a plan to move forward . That was a powerful way to look at the situcation . You saw the positive things you have accomplished . You are going to reach your goal . I love you and pray for you , Mom .