Thursday, May 30, 2013

Name Change

I'm thinking of changing my name from Resolute Fat Girl to Frustrated Fat Girl.

Why?  Stress eating!  GGGGGGRRRRRR!!!!!

The hubby and I both did some stupid stress eating last night.  A large Pappa John's six cheese pizza with pepperoni and a 8 inch chocolate chip cookie pizza (which is CRAZY good by the way!) later, we are both feeling like crappy failures.  If one chocolate chip cookie from Wendy's is 390 calories, I shudder to think how many calories we ate with just the cookie.  (shuddering)

What are we stressed about?  Our little Princess Piglet is a very sick little girl, and we do not know what's wrong.  Her and I were at the vet for almost an hour yesterday, and the vet is running more blood work.  He is supposed to call me this morning.  In the meantime, I'm trying to stay away from chocolate and choke down my anxiety.

Our little furry, four legged children are our world.  Having one of them sick and not having any control or being able to do anything is taking a toll.  Prayers will be much appreciated.


Shirley said...

Hang in there Amy! I wish I could take it all away. I'm sending good thoughts to you, Philip, Frankie and your precious little Piglet.

Please keep us posted!

Mom said...

Hi Kiddo , prayers were answered for Piglet and Nan . I have been so busy with Mom I hadn't seen this blog . I'm thankful you got through that stressful time and are back on track . We sure had a great time at the Wilds today . I love you and pray for you . Mom