Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Glueten Free??? On purpose???

I'm with John Pinette - I don't know what Gluten is, but it's tasty!  (  Even with that knowledge, I couldn't help but pick up the bag of Snikiddy all natural Grilled Cheese Puffs.  Why pray tell would I do such a thing?  Well, I had been craving cheese balls for a few weeks.  I thought, "Maybe, with all the advances in society and science, these will taste good."  Well, guess what . . . I was RIGHT!!!  YUMMY!!!  YUMMY!!!  YUMMY!!!

The yumminess comes with a warning.  Do not sit down with the entire bag . . . not unless you want to eat 4 servings all at once.  That sorta kinda defeats the purpose of the lower calorie/healthy piece.  While a 1oz serving might seem like nothing, 1oz of air is pretty good!  The first time I ate any of the gluten free goodness, I was a good girl and measured out 1oz.  I then took the bag downstairs with me to record the nutritional info.  The next night, the bag was still there, and I thought, "I can judge a serving and stop with one."  Boy was I wrong!  Before I knew it, I was licking my fingers and sticking them back in the bag to sop up the crumbs!  All along, I was ignoring my brain which was saying, "You've had enough.  That's more than one serving.  You don't have the calories for that.  YO!  STUPID!  Hello?!  Is anyone in there?!  Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!"  Good to know I haven't lost the ability to ignore my good sense (sarcasm).

Did I mess up?  Yes.  Was I stupid?  Yes.  Can I go back and not eat those two extra servings?  No.  What I can do is move forward and learn. 

First thing I did, was deduct the calories from the next two days.  Now I have to pay for it without the yummy goodness in my tummy (pout).  Next time, as soon as I get home, I will be measuring out 4 baggies of 1oz servings.  Then, when I'm ready for a snack, I will have 1 serving ready to go.  Instead of grabbing the entire bag, I can grab a baggy.

It's all about moving forward!

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Amy2 said...

Love your blogs!! You go girl!! Amy2 :)