Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yeah Me!

I've got to give myself a shout out!  You know I've struggled with my weight all my life, and I've been on more diets than I could ever count (even if I took off my shoes).  This time is so different.  Maybe it's because I'm not looking at it as a diet - it's a new way of living.  Regardless, I've failed so many times that I have to give myself a big ole pat on the back for the smart eating I've been doing!

Today, I went to Carfagna's Kitchen with my hubby and friend.  Before ordering, I looked up calories and decided on the lasagna.  I knew I could get a combo meal with a salad (get in those veggies!) and a smaller portion of lasagna.  My calorie info told me 1 cup of lasagna was 300 calories.  From what I remembered, the combo serving of lasagna was 1 cup, and I ordered.  Boy was I wrong!  When the waiter set the lasagna in front of me, I could tell it was double what I expected.  Old Amy would have ate the whole thing.  New, healthier Amy ate exactly half and went to the counter for a box.  And you know what, it was enough!

Yeah me!

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Jscakes said...

Yeah Amy! Stay encouraged! Check out the Dr.Oz website..To help your body lose weight consider his weekend cleanse(colon)..Good colon health is the key to a healthy life style..You're AWESOME!