Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where in the World I Carmen San Diego (aka Amy)?

Before I tell you where in the world is Carmen San Diego, just a bit of "house keeping".  If you're a coworker following my blog and would like to continue following my blog, please be sure to use your personal email address.  If you have registered using your work address, simply update it to be your personal email.  This blog is meant to be a personal account of my weight loss journey and is something I'm doing on my own time outside of my work responsibilities with the Health and Wellness Team.

That being said, I know many of you have been wondering and asking where I've been - why haven't I been posting.  Sad to say, I let life get in the way.  We all know how the holidays can put our life in to over drive.  Suddenly, 24 hours in a day feels more like 20, 18, 16, 14, etc.  There never seems to be enough hours in the  day.  Several times I've meant to post but never found the time/made the time. 

There's the time I started to post this:
Notice the number of beads - 5!  I was so excited!  Down 50 pounds!  Then I realized I had miscalculated, and I had only lost 44 pounds.  I hate that I used the word "only".  I had lost 44 POUNDS!  That's an AMAZING accomplishment!  I ended up removing my 5th bead and resolving to earn it back.

Then there was a day where I was going to post this:
Yes, I ate an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting.  I wanted to share this to remind everyone - we're all human, even a Resolute Fat Girl.  What you do after a fall like this determines who you are.

Then there was a day I was going to post this:
This was new incentive - a new bead courtesy of my mom for my birthday.  The bead says, "Dreams really do come true."  Mom couldn't have picked a more perfect bead for me to remind me of why I'm on this journey.  I desperately wanted to lose those 6 more pounds to add this to my bracelet.

Then there was the day I wanted to post this:
My wonderful friend and supporter, Sondra, got me a new bead for Christmas.  She's my movie buddy, and she couldn't have picked a better bead to remind me of our friendship and how much it means to me.  Even more motivation to lose another 10 pounds!

Fast forward to just last weekend when I thought of posting this:
Philip and I went away to the Hocking Hills for a long weekend to celebrate Philip's b'day.  The weather was amazing, and we were actually able to take the pugs on a hike - in January!  Notice - no coat!  That's how nice it was!  I wanted to post this picture because 1) that sweater couldn't be zipped last year! 2) my tight jeans are no longer tight!  3) I was able to hike with the babies without hyperventilating or hurting or collapsing after a few steps!  AND we did it 2 days in a row!

So yes, over all of these days, I've been here.  I've been thinking of all of you and thinking of my resolution - my vow to myself.  I can't dwell on the mistakes and missteps of the past.  What's the point?  I can't change the past.  What I have to think of is all the progress I've made.  The fact that when I put my winter coat on Thursday, I could actually button it! 

So, where in the world is Carmen San Diego?  I have been here - all along.  I've struggled, I've been uplifted.  I've cried, I've laughed.  I've felt alone, I've felt love and support.  I know I am not alone in this journey.  Know that you are not alone in your journey or in your struggles. 

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