Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stranger Danger!

Sometimes, I stop and ask myself, "Who are you? Where's Amy? What did you do with her?" Sometimes, I do or think something so out of the norm for me that I expect to look in the mirror and see someone else - a stranger. Sometimes, this can be a good thing; and one of those sometimes happened today.

Today, I had my feelings hurt pretty bad by what I commonly refer to as a troll (a little term I picked up from one of my favorite HR trainers). Everyone has trolls in their lives - people who seem to exist only to make your life miserable or to hurt you. I was particularly close to this troll for several years which makes the trollish behavior all that more hurtful.

As I sat at my desk, biting my lip, trying not to cry, and failing miserably; a single thought popped into my mind.

It wasn't, "Dang, I could really use a . . .

I didn't even think about hitting the communal snack table . . .

What did I think? I thought, "I CAN'T WAIT to pound out my frustrations on the treadmill tonight!"

YES! My first thought wasn't of food or booze! It was of going to the gym! This is huge! I don't know if anyone but me realizes how huge this is! I have NEVER liked exercising - NEVER. Plus, I've always been an emotional eater. For me to think "gym" over anything else is nothing short of a Christmas miracle!

Now, I will do a dance. Happy happy joy joy! Happy happy joy joy! Happy happy joy joy!

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Shirley said...

Amy, I am so PROUD of YOU!!! I just wish I had been at the gym with you. Let's just say I could have used it big time! (my house is sticky now...UGH)LOL

Don't you just hate trolls! They don't know who their messin' with! I feel sorry for them since they really have no self esteem, no manners and most of all no REAL friends!

It's only 3 days and I will be at the gym with you. :0)

I miss you and I'll try to call later today!

PS. Your snack table makes me want a cookie!