Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Week 1 - BWHA! HA! HA!

A week ago today, Philip and I walked through the doors of Victory Fitness to complete our first fitness plan.  After 20 minutes of cardio, I was feeling pretty good . . . good and surprised that I could actually do 20 minutes!

As part of our fitness plan, we were weighed and measured.  When I climbed onto the scale, I was saddened but not surprised.  I had gained all of my weight back.  All of that work . . .

When I got home, I stripped my charms from my bracelet.  I was starting over, but I was determined to get my charms back!

After a week of counting calories, sticking to a healthy food plan, drinking water, and exercising; I was excited to climb back on that scale today and even MORE excited to see the results!  OH YEAH!  Baby got a bead back!  Down 11 pounds! 
Watch out world!

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