Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm Warnin' Ya!

I’ve already warned my Facebook followers, and now I will warn everyone.  This is going to be a llllooonnnnggg post.  It is going to start with what I wanted to post last Wednesday (previously titled “Week 7!  BWHA! WAH!”).  I will then follow up with what I would have called “The Crud Has Done Hit the Fan” and end with “Back in the Saddle”.

As you may already know, Wednesday morning is weigh-in day.  I’m desperately trying to not let the scale tell me how good or bad I have been.  Getting healthy is about more than just the number on that cruel, hateful piece of metal.  It is about the fact that my pants are falling off of me!  It is about the fact that I had to stop and do a double take in the mirror today because I’m losing my ample ass!  It is about the fact that Ms. Couch Potato can now workout for 2 hours – straight!

That’s all fine and good, and I can tell myself all that over and over . . . but when I climbed on the scale January 23rd and saw a 2 pound gain . . . tsk, tsk, tsk . . . it wasn’t pretty.  

It might not have been pretty, but it was somewhat productive.  It made me take a hard look at my food journal where I noticed I am not eating enough fruits and vegetables.  It also made me take a step back and look at my overall performance – 25 pounds in just a little over a month.  That’s pretty darn good!  I walked away from Wednesday morning resolute to get those fruits and veggies in and to step up my measuring.  Was my 8 oz of almond milk morphing into more like 12 oz?  Was I JUST having 2 tablespoons of peanut butter?  Or was I sitting in front of the TV with the dogs eating straight from the jar?

Side note, Amy isn’t going to bring peanut butter into the house ANYMORE!  That’s a trigger food for me.  I just can’t stop.  While it is a good healthy source of protein, it ceases being good when you eat it straight from the jar and polish off the jar in a week.  Just sayin’ . . . 

That brings us to what would be post #2 – The Crud Has Done Hit the Fan.  I did walk away from Wednesday morning with a very positive go get ‘em plan.  Then a slight sore throat started Wednesday.  The ENT blamed it on the nose spray the allergist had me doing.  That “diagnosis” didn’t keep things from being even worse Thursday morning (despite the hot toddy that I consumed Wednesday night AND didn’t record in My Fitness Pal).  Luckily, I already had a checkup scheduled with my allergist, so I was curious to see what he had to say.  Well, the nose spray can cause sinus irritation, so he took me off of it and prescribed meds to be added to a saline sinus wash.  In his words, “It’s generic, so it will be pretty cheap.”

Listen up doctors.  Unless you know what kind of prescription plan your patient has, don’t make statements like that.  Yes, on a PPO plan, I would have paid just the generic copay of $10; but I have an HSA . . . and it is January.  That means I have started from ground zero with my deductible and am paying full price for my prescriptions.  That “pretty cheap” prescription cost me $432.60 for 1 month!  $-4-3-2-.-6-0 for 3-0 days!  Now, if it ends up being the miracle cure for my sinuses, I will gladly pay that; but it had better be the miracle I desperately need!

But I digress . . . 

Friday brings me to full on sickness.  The pressure in my head was like nothing I had experienced since I was a kid.  I ended up leaving work at 10am to go to my family doctor.  That’s 3 doctors in 3 days, and what did I learn?  Absolutely nothing!  The family doctor prescribed an antibiotic, I went home, and I spent the rest of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the bed.

Here’s the problem with sick Amy.  Sick Amy wants fattening, comfort food.  My diet during this sick period – when I was supposed to be getting back on track and eating the fruits and veggies – was crap.  Pure, unadulterated crap.  My shining moment?  When I ate an entire quart of rainbow sherbet in one sitting.  For those of you without superior math skills or nutrition knowledge, that is 1,760 calories, 416 carbs, but no fat!  Big whopping deal.  Keep in mind, my daily calorie limit is 1,800.  That left me with 30 calories for the rest of the day.  I would blame it on the fever, but I knew exactly what I was doing.

That brings us to the present.  After going over my food journals for the past couple weeks, I’ve come back to the conclusion that I’m not getting enough fruits and vegetables.  That is my goal for the week – get back on my horse and eat at least 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit per day.

This is what BACK ON TRACK looks like!

It looks like me measuring an orange to make sure it is just one serving size – 2.75 in diameter.  Try explaining to your boss why you are using the Health & Wellness measurement tape on your orange.  (And yes, you math smarties, I realized after the fact that I was measuring the circumference and not the diameter!)

It looks like a nice big salad and 4 sushi rolls for lunch!  I WILL get in those fruits and veggies!

It looks like a nice container of fresh strawberries for snacks!


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Shirley said...

Amy, it may have been along post but I'm glad you told it all! I'm proud of you and I know in the end your going to be happier and healthier!

Love your pictures! You always know how to bring a smile to my face!