Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 8! BWAH! HA! HA!

I'm still fighting my illness, but I called the doctor's office back today and got a different prescription.  I'm trying to be hopeful.  I was able to go back to the gym yesterday and today.  I'm definitely not at 100%, but I was able to do water aerobics both days.  I just keep reminding myself that I'm getting healthier which will mean less illness, less medication, and a happier Amy!

You should be able to tell by the title that it was weigh-in day!  This one was extra BIG.  This was the first Biggest Loser weigh-in for elimination.  To say I wasn't nervous, would be a lie.  To make matters worse, I wasn't able to go workout at 6am due to a "flareup".  I'm proud to say Shirley still went and worked out!  (She's a beast!)  Plus, I was able to stop by on my way to work and weigh-in.

But I digress . . . results, results, results . . . what were the results of our first Biggest Loser Weigh-in?

Amy - down 10 pounds!  Woot!  Woot!  I lost the 2 I gained last week, so I am back to negative 27 pounds in 8 weeks!  That's 3.5 pounds per week - very good!

Shirley - down 10 pounds!  Woot!  Woot!  That means we get pedicures!  (That's our reward for every 10 pounds we loose.) 

I am also working really hard at getting my fruits and vegetables in each day.  Yesterday, I had 3 servings of fruit and 6 servings of vegetables.  Today, 1 serving of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables.  I'm finding that it is a lot harder to get my fruit servings, but I will keep working on it!

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Shirley said...

Amy, you are so right about getting healthy and it WILL help curb getting sick. I hope the new meds will do the trick. You still sounded pretty bad last night at water aerobics but I'm glad you made yourself go!

I am so proud of us!!! We did great, we're not eliminated and we're making the right changes to our diets to keep us on a path to a healthy weight loss.

It may sound melodramatic but I really don't think I could have done it with out you and Philip! You help me get started and in the reality that's the hardest part for me. I love working out with you because you shine. I mean that. Working out (even when your sick) you seem to be so happy and you just glow! Your in your element. Who knows someday you may be a trainer working with people like us. You have the empathy, scheduling skills and your a real motivator!

Keep posting Amy! Keep us updated and remember we are all here through your ups and downs!

Love ya!