Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 5! BWHA . . . WAAAHHHHHH!

I was really hoping for at least 3 pounds so I could get my new bead.  To say I'm not disappointed that the scale registered a big fat goose egg would be a lie.  I wanted to crawl back into bed and cry, and I still feel like I could.  BUT I'm trying to focus on the facts:
  1. Aunt Flow is about to come for her monthly visit.  (Over sharing, I know.)
  2. I have been retaining water pretty bad for the past 3-4 days, and yesterday was so bad that I couldn't wear my wedding ring.
  3. I went away for a weekend where I spent the majority of the time sitting on my butt.
  4. I'm still down 17 pounds in 5 weeks!
I'm a natural analyst (aka I'm obsessive), so I'm already developing a plan to get over my first real hurdle. 

First things first, I've got to start drinking more water and cutting out the excess sodium.  Part of the reason my body is retaining water is the massive amounts of sodium I have been craving*.  I've practically replaced my right hand with my garlic salt, and a staple snack has become Wendy's 4 piece chicken nuggets.  The nuggets pack on 370mg of sodium.  Actually, I'm surprised it is that low.  They taste like you're eating miniature salt blocks. 

People under 50 shouldn't consume more than 2300mg of sodium per day.  That might sound like a lot, but you would be surprised how fast you burn through that.  Sodium is in everything.  I've tricked myself into thinking, "I'm a good girl.  I don't salt things anymore.  I eat watermelon, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, all my fav salty foods without salt."  BUT sodium content isn't limited to when you sprinkle.  A medium baked potato ALREADY has 418mg of sodium in it!  Yikes!

*Just a word about craving sodium . . . I once read that when you are dehydrated you actually crave salty foods.  Isn't that interesting?  It makes sense.  I haven't been drinking enough water = I'm craving salty foods.

All this talk of sodium brings me to my big announcement . . . big decision . . . big promise.  I made a deal with my workout buddy, Shirley.  (I'm calling this my deal with the devil.)  She's trying desperately to give up pop (specifically high test Dr. Pepper), so I promised her today that I would give up my . . .  oh God . . . this is so hard to type . . . I would give up my D . .  . Diet . . . oh, I think I'm going to pass out . . . give up my Diet C . . . oh Lord, deliver me from evil . . . give up my Diet Coke.

Yes, you read that right.  A large Diet Coke from Burger King has 35mg of sodium . . . now that I read that it doesn't seem that bad . . . I guess where the bad part comes in is that I'm not getting the water I need because I'm drinking the Diet Coke . . . not to mention all the money we are spending because let's face it - fountain is just better.

So, to my friends and loved ones, I apologize in advance.  It is going to be a rough couple weeks, but I can do this . . . I think . . .

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Shirley said...

Amy, I have been catching up on your posts. And I just want to say how proud of you I am of giving up your Diet Coke! If you can do that you can do ANYTHING!!!

I'm so glad to have you for a work out buddy!