Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 10! BWHA! HA! HA!

Hey look! I'm actually posting the day after weigh-in and not SEVERAL days after!

This week's results were pretty exciting . . . can I get a drum roll please . . .

Down 8 more pounds! What?! Yeah, Baby! That's 38 pounds total!!!

You know what that means? Just 2 more pounds and I get a new bead for my bracelet!

I can't begin to tell everyone how much I want that bead, but I am headed for some obstacles.

1.      Today is Valentine’s Day, and we have reservations at Rodizio. For those of you who do not know what Rodizio is, it is a Brazilian Steakhouse. Still unsure? Google it. It is an all you can eat meat buffet where they actually bring the meat to your table on spits that have been cooked over an open flame. To make matters worse, I have a lunch meeting with our benefits' broker! I have to eat out twice in the same day! Not to worry, I have planned! Breakfast was my normal protein shake. My snacks? Dannon Fit & Light Greek yogurt (just 80 calories) and jicama sticks (1 cup is just 45 calories of sweet, crunchy goodness). For lunch, I researched first and choose BJ's Brewhouse. My normal meal at BJ's? Not counting the Pizzooki? (Google it - killer good!) A staggering 1,380 calories! This time I am getting their pork chop with green beans and potatoes and asking for no potatoes and double green beans. That will be under 400 calories! That will leave me with 1,000 calories for meat! Yeah!

2.      This weekend is another scrapbooking retreat. If you look back to January, I lost 0 pounds after the last retreat. Not bad, but that won't get me my bead! Thankfully Nancy puts out the menu ahead of time. Sadly, I'll be packing a lot of food to get me through the weekend; but I am planning! I will be going with everything already entered into My Fitness Pal, so I won't have to think or make a decision without knowing what I'm truly putting in my mouth!

What do I want?! 2 pounds! When do I want it?! Wednesday, February 20th!


Anonymous said...

What are jicama sticks. I know you can do it.You and Shirley are an inspiration to others. You do know how strong you are and that a couple of outside meals are nothing that will ever stand in the way of your goals.Stand tall and strong girl I am on your side just like Shirley is cheering you on. I hope you never doudt your cheering fans.Mary

Resolute Fat Girl said...

Thanks Mary! Jicama is a vegetable. It doesn't look really pretty, but it is tasty. Peeled, it looks a lot like a raw potato - kinda the same consistency. It is crunchy and juicy and a bit sweet. I love it!

Mom said...

Hi Kiddo , you have already gotten through two hurdles (eating out twice in one day) and with planning ahead for this week-end you will be fine . Just keep thinking about results on Wednesday . Thanks for reminding me of the tasty veggie Jamica . I haven't gotten that for awhile . I'll get some today . Its good dipped in that ranch yogurt dressing as long as I measure the dressing out ahead . Hope everyone has a great time this week-end . I love you and always pray for you and Philip. Love ,Mom

Shirley said...

Hope the scrapbooking retreat is going well and your getting lots done!

Your doing so well on your eating plan. There is no way you can fail if you keep this up! You are my inspiration!!1

And now I want jicama!!!