Friday, March 22, 2013

That Just Ain't Right

Temptation is all around us, and I have to pat myself on the back for being fairly strong. 

Still, I'm not perfect - that's for sure.  While I do occasionally slip up, I pick myself up, dust myself off, and get right back on that horse.  The old Amy?  She liked to fall off the horse then eat the horse.  She would eat the horse deep fried.  She would eat it smothered in cheese.  She would eat it swimming in butter.  She would eat the horse drenched in chocolate.  Mmmmm, horse . . . the other other white meat!

The best way to keep from eating the horse is being prepared.  The hubby and I cook and prep our food for the week so that all we have to do is grab a container and go.  Everyday, I grab a meal and a couple of snacks to take to work.  Imagine my surprise when I went to get one of my snacks and found that someone had put a container of cookie dough under my vegetables!  Cookie dough! 

I'm ashamed to say that I gained a good portion of weight on cookie dough.  When Philip and I were dating and living in Nashville, we would go to Kroger, buy a tube of cookie dough, slice it open, and eat the ENTIRE tube in the car. 

The old Amy would have had a big, fat pitty party.  She would have thought, "Oh, woe is me.  I have to eat vegetables and can't have cookie dough."  Then she would probably have gone to Kroger and bought some cookie dough!  New Amy just laughed at the irony and took a picture!


Mom said...

Now thats just not right , but your attitude is right on target !!! Its good to laugh at that and move on just as you did . Another valuable lesson learned . Love you and pray for you everyday . Mom

Shirley said...

What a funny picture! After reading about your cookie dough "addiction" it shows how far you have come in such a short time. :0) Really proud of you!

See you at the gym!