Thursday, March 21, 2013

General Malaise

I came home from work with every intention of going to the gym for water aerobics.  I even put on my bathing suite before deciding I just didn't want to go.  A couple of little, hurtful things from the day had continued to chew at me allowing the malaise to overtake me.  Malaise - 1, Amy - 0.

As I laid on the couch in my pjs, regretting my decision, several thoughts went through my head - pizza, ice cream, cupcakes, cheese burgers, etc.  Even though my brain was telling me to give up and that I really needed to have all that fattening food, I didn't.  I have ACTUALLY conditioned myself well enough to realize when my emotions are telling me to do something stupid AND to listen to myself!  I couldn't help but smile to myself as I resisted.  Amy - 1, Malaise - 0.


Shirley said...

My day began that way too. Sometimes the smallest thing can bring me down. I need to get a thicker skin, listen more, and think more before I do things.

I was so stressed out worrying about being late with the booth I wasn't thinking!!! When I got your email that you were going to do water aerobics I just figured out work out on the way home from dropping off the booth since I can't do the water stuff yet. OMG! It didn't even occur to me that I could have waited and gone and walked the treadmill with you then did BL workout while you were in the pool! Scary having such a brain dead friend isn't it!!! LOL

I sure hope your feeling better today. Most of all I wish you would have been able to go to the EXPO! Mary was hoping to see you too!(She thinks your so funny and one of the best stampers she knows...I guess I'm just chopped liver!) We will REALLY MISS YOU today my dear friend.

Sorry I missed a possible workout time with you but have faith in me! I'll eventually get my brain to work!

Maybe you could work out tonight with us as part of your date night???

Mom said...

So glad you didn't give into the emotional eating . Did you listen to the CD I got for you ? Listen to that and you will be better prepared for the ugliness of some people you have to deal with everyday . Great victory !!!! Love and prayers , Mom