Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 15! BWHA HA HA!

Before I reveal this week's results, I have a special report from the taste bud's front line.  The fake pepperoni pizza?  Not bad.  I still prefer the tomato one, but the pepperoni was good too.  The only thing I didn't care for was the green peppers.  I have a slight issue with green peppers in and on food as they overtake the flavor, but it was still good.  One of the things I really like about the Vita Pizzas is how crunchy they get even when microwaved.  Give them a try.

Now for the results . . .

This week I maintained - no loss, no gain.  While I'm a bit disappointed, I'm also a bit relieved.  I played it a little too loose this past week.  I didn't get enough vegetables.  I had too much sodium.  I ate out 3 times (all Mexican).  I didn't record everything I ate. 

The big fat 0 was a big fat wake up call.  I'm back to measuring, back to recording everything, back to business!  No more loosy goosy for this gal!


Shirley said...

I'm glad you didn't gain. At least you know where to make changes.

Will you be taking sodium out of your diet completely or do you have a limit for each day?

Enjoyed your post today! See you at the gym!

Mom said...

Great attitude !!! Just dig your heals in and go forward . You are learning how to make good decisions along this journey . I know you are inspiring others not to give up . Love and prayers , Mom