Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week 13! BWHA! HA! HA!

Dear Gym Scale,

You are SERIOUSLY starting to tick me off!  Really?  For weeks, you have been weighing me the same as my home scale.  What's been up for the past 2 weeks?  Last week, home said I lost 2 pounds; and you said I lost 0.1.  Today, home said I lost 6 pounds; and you said I lost 3?  Yes, you suck!  I cannot wait until this Biggest Loser contest is over, and I never have to set foot on you again!  Expect to see the divorce papers beginning of April!


Resolute Fat Girl, less 6 pounds!


Shirley said...

LOL!!! I can't wait till it's over so I can go back to weighing myself EVERYDAY...maybe even TWICE A DAY!!! hehe

Seriously, your still doing great my friend. I'm proud of you!

Hang in there!

Mom said...

Hey Kiddo , take a deep breath and look at what you have accomplished over just a few weeks . Don't weigh on the home scales , just go by the gym scales . Three pounds in one week is fantastic !!! You made a deal with Shirley that she not weigh herself everyday now made a promise to yourself not to weigh at home . Wouldn't you have been pleased with a three pound loss if you had not seen that six pound at home first . Don't be hard on yourself and don't " smash" the gym scales . Love you lots , Mom