Thursday, March 7, 2013

It Feels Good - Yeah!

Another great night at the gym!  Well, technically, every night but one has been good! 

I hear myself saying things like that, and I can't help but stop myself and ask,"Who are you?  And what have you done with Amy?"  I've said it before, and I'll say it again . . . . (clearing throat) "I have never been an exerciser - ever!"  Thankfully, that Amy is gone!  And I don't care if she EVER comes back!  Actually, she will NEVER be back!

Tonight, I want to climb, no jump, back up on my soap box for a bit and talk about not focusing on that cruel piece of metal - the scale.  Yes, I admit that I let it get under my skin; but there are things that feel so much better than a negative number on the scale.  I couldn't help but relish in those tonight.

1.  Saturday will be 2 - YES 2 - months since I had Diet Coke!  If you had told me 2 months ago that I would give up Diet Coke, I would have laughed in your face.  I had tried several times.  My friend Tim and I even made a deal once - I would give up Diet Coke and he would give up smoking.  I didn't even make it 48 hours!  Now I have made it 2 months!

2.  I did the treadmill for another hour tonight!  Three months ago, I couldn't walk 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Tonight I went for an hour THEN did circuit training!

3.  There's one circuit training machine where you sit and push the bars down towards the ground.  Until tonight, I couldn't push it past my waist thanks to my ample hips.  Tonight, as I pushed down, I noticed something!  I was pushing ALL the way down!!!  I have lost enough of my hippy-hippy shake to properly do the machine!

4.  My dress pants are falling off of me, and I can actually pull them up to my titties!  I could wear them like a little romper!

5.  Finally, the thing that made my heart skip and jump and leap tonight!  We've made some great new friends at the gym; and tonight, one such friend and Biggest Loser buddy (shout out Linda!) was talking to us while we pounded the treadmill.  When I jumped off the treadmill to get cleaner, I heard Linda say, "Amy!"  When I turned back to her, she asked, "How much weight have you lost?!"  She said when I jumped off the treadmill, she was like, "What?!"  She said she could see an amazing difference. 

46 pounds and even more accomplishments and counting!!!


Shirley said...

Your doing great Amy! You definitely need to post some new pictures side by side of the start ones. I think it will blow you away when you really see how much you have lost and most importantly how different you look!!!

And the real bonus is getting off that Diet Coke! Your body will work so much better without it!

So proud of you my friend!

Linda said...

Amy you know I have soooo much confidence in you! You are doing such an amazing job. I am thankful for the Biggest Loser program because I have lost weight and GAINED a friend!!!!! You rock!!

Linda said...

Hey girl!! You know I have so much confidence in you! You are doing a great job! What I treasure most about this BL program is that we have lost weight and GAINED a friend!! Forever!! Luv ya!!

Mom said...

Wow !!! this is a fantastic update !!! Every accomplishment is a wonderful victory and who would have thought you and diet coke would have parted ways . This is such great news along with all the other accomplishments you are achieving . I'm SOOOOOOO proud of you. Love and prayers Mom