Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where's My Rooftop?!

I need a rooftop because I have something that needs to be shouted from it!!!

Today was just a fabulous day!  It started off with a wardrobe change.  Instead of wearing the brown slacks that are bagging and sagging all over me, I decided to try a different pair - a pair that has been hanging in my closet for over 2 years, a pair that I couldn't button or zip.  They slid nicely up my thighs.  They buttoned.  They zipped.  They were actually roomy!  I was finally able to pop the tags off and strut my stuff!  Oh, and I did strut!  I strutted and shook my rump all over the kitchen for Philip!

Next great thing?  Leaving work early to go get mani pedis with my bestie and partner in crime!!!  It felt so good to pamper my feet, and my nails look so cute!!!

Then it was off for some shopping where I bought everything a size smaller!  I got some of the cutest new blouses that are bright and perfect for spring and summer!  I can't wait to wear one in particular.  It really made me look amazing - small in the shoulders and waist! 

Then we rounded everything out with Subway and a good workout!

Tomorrow is weigh-in day so watch for the results!  I would REALLY like to lose 4 pounds and get another bead.  Just two pounds would be good as well - it would put me in new numbers.  Regardless, of the number on the scale, I am EXCITED for the results I'm seeing, the changes I've already made, and how wonderful I am feeling!


Linda said...

Great Job!! I am sooooo proud of you!!!!

Mom said...

Hi Kiddo , this reminds me of the old Weight Watchers saying of "nothing tastes as good as loosing weight feels ." I may have messed that up a little but you know what I'm trying to say . All I could do when I read this was cry and thank Jesus for answering prayer . You are a true miracle with all the accomplishments you have made over the last several weeks . I love you and pray for your health everyday . I also pray for your partner in crime , Shirley . She is such a sweetheart . You two never give up and keep encouraging each other . Love Mom

Shirley said...

Amy, do you realize how much YOU are changing??? You smile more, you laugh more and you are looking great!!! Most of all seeing you try on the smaller size shirt and seeing it hang around your shoulders and arms was AMAZING!!!

Most of all I'm so glad you went the extra mile when Philip came in! Do you realize how much just 30minutes added to each work out will do for you and your weight loss. Most of all it helps me push myself that much more.

We ARE doing it my friend! And we WILL cross the finish line this time to a healthy life!