Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Duck and Swerve!

She ducks, she swerves to the right, she jumps, she swerves to the left . . .

That's me dodging obstacles!  I had a pretty big one today, and I overcame it!

Today, I had training at the Hilton at Easton.  Our attorneys host training at least twice a year, it's always at Easton, and it is always good. 

Besides the training being good, the breakfast they serve is FABULOUS!  This isn't your typical continental breakfast.  They always have a huge tray for fruit, a tower of pastries, and a VAT of bacon and sausage; and their bacon is the BOMB!  It is perfect - just the right crispness.  Then there's this pastry I always get that pretty much has the ingredients from a pecan pie on it . . . ooohhhh, imagine a pastry with that syrupy, gooey goodness then chopped pecans . . . ooooohhhhh . . . it's so good!

I went today RESOLUTE to not have bacon or pastries.  Then I arrive and find out they have added croissants stuffed with scrambled eggs and cheese.  I wanted to cry; but instead, I poured a glass of water and bit my lip.  I'm so glad I did!

I'm no where near being "back", but I'm going in the right direction!

OH, and the journaling wasn't as bad as I thought.  I looked at My Fitness Pal and didn't see anything for 13 days, so I figured it had been 13 days since I had written anything down.  Then Shirley reminded me that I had been journaling on the Food Lover's Diet!  DUH!  So, I've only been really bad for a week!


Shirley said...

Amy, my friend that's what I'm here for to remind you that you ARE doing GREAT!

We stay at the Hilton in Missouri and your right they have the BEST BACON on earth! You did yourself proud! Keep up the good work. Each good choice will keep you making more good choices. :0)

Jamie said...

Oooh.... Shouldn't have read this right now....Starving! :)