Friday, November 25, 2011

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to El Arepazo

Wednesday for lunch, I headed to El Arepazo with three of my co-workers.  El Arepazo is a Venezuelan restaurant tucked away in an ally in downtown Columbus.  The food is really good, fresh, and fairly healthy.  Because it's in downtown Columbus, you can expect to walk a little bit to get to it.  This particular day, it was also raining.

Now, let me explain a certain "phenomenon" to those of you reading who maybe have never had a weight issue.  When you're fat and your clothes are tight, there's a lot more happening than just an uncomfortable feeling.  As you move and especially as you walk, your clothes will walk their way up your body.  I specifically struggle with the tank tops that I wear under my suite jackets and sweaters.  If I don't hold to the bottom of it while I walk, it will work its way up my body until my fat gut is hanging out.  I know - dead sexy!

Back to Wednesday, as we rushed towards El Arepazo, I had one hand at the bottom of my shirt and the other on my umbrella.  At one point, I took my hand off my shirt to adjust something else.  When I reached back to my shirt, I realized it hadn't moved!  I realized that my shirt fit!  Fit to the point that I didn't need to hold on to it!  Fit to the point that I didn't have to worry about my gut hanging out!  I stopped in the alley with the rain pouring down and hollered to my co-worker Deanna, "Deanna!  My shirt fits!  My gut's not hanging out!"  It's good to have friends and supporters that you can share that sort of thing with - shout out to Deanna and Sondra! 

Happily, I will never look like this!  This little gem of a pic is courtesy of Tosh.0's blog. 

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