Sunday, December 16, 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm

Yesterday and today, I've felt very tired physically.  That can spell trouble.  Yesterday, I had to work extra hard to stay resolute; and I'm proud to say I stayed strong.  After all, I survived my first holiday party!  WHAT?!  Yep!  I had a great time without doing something stupid. 

How did I do it?  Planning.  I started the day with something light, making sure to record everything I ate.  Even though we had to cancel our morning gym plans, I made up the missed time by walking fast up and down the isles of Lowes and riding our exercise bike.  On that, I was very disappointed in myself that I couldn't do more than 10 minutes at a time on our bike.  I still wonder why that is . . . but I digress . . .

Before going to the party, I figured up the nutritional value of our dish - cheesy potato casserole.  (Not as bad as I expected.)  At the party, I passed on the fattening appetizers (Rodney's famous savory, smoked salmon cheesecake!).  At dinner, I surveyed the offerings before loading my plate.  I loaded up with a wonderful spinach salad, some fruit, about 4 oz of ham, a single serving of my potatoes, a bite of corn pudding, and a pile of Willie's spicy greens!  If you can envision my plate, you will see 1/2 of my plate was fruit and veggies, 1/4 was protein, and 1/4 was starch.  Happily, I had room for dessert - Jeannie's WONDERFUL raspberry trifle and another one of Willie's famous recipes - sweet potato pie (the best you'll ever have!).

Amazingly, I resisted the urge to go back for more of that pie . . . it puts the best pumpkin pie to SHAME.

Today, I don't feel as strong.  I'm just so tired.  I don't understand.  Even the thought of making an easy egg makes me want to curl up and cry.  Today will be harder, but I will work to prevail.  I will work to stay resolute.  That is my promise.  That is my goal.

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