Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cha-ching Cha-ching!

Let's face it, eating healthy and light is EXPENSIVE!  With the hubby and I working to reduce our spending WHILE getting healthy, we knew we were up for a challenge. 

When we were first married, we did all of our grocery shopping at Aldis; and we decided to go back this week.  We always liked Aldis, but we just grew lazy.  They didn't always have everything we needed, so we would have to go to two stores.  Knowing this would still be the case, we still chose to go for the savings; and we were pleasantly surprised! 

This isn't the Aldis we used over 10 years ago!  With their line of Fit & Active products and fresh meat section, we were able to get almost everything on our list!

Check out the plethora of healthy foods!
  1. High Fiber Granola Bars
  2. Turkey Heat & Serve sausage
  3. Edamame Bites
  4. Fit & Active spaghetti dinner
  5. Frozen mixed berries, strawberries, & peaches for protein shakes
  6. Couscous
  7. No fat chicken broth
  8. Protein bars
  9. Vegetable Chips
  10. Multigrain tortilla chips
  11. Skinny Cow like cookies & cream ice cream sandwiches
  12. Whole wheat bread that's only 60 calories a slice
  13. Greek yogurt
  14. Light yogurt
  15. String cheese (better than Sargentos Lite that's only 50 calories!)
  16. Protein shakes
  17. Granola
  18. Light sour cream
  19. Fit & Active ham and turkey
  20. Rice cake snack packs (they had me at S'mores!)
  21. 97% fat free ground beef
  22. Pre-cooked grilled chicken (for my pizzas)
  23. Turkey pepperoni (for my pizzas)
  24. Lite shredded cheese
  25. Lite fruit chews
And my top three "I can't believe they had these items":  Flatout Bread (for my pizzas!!!), Almond Milk, and Mio type flavoring for water!!!

We still had to go to Giant Eagle too for cilantro, tomatoes, and seltzer water; but we saved some MAJOR money by going to Aldis!  You better believe we'll be back next week!

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